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Luxury Glass Bottles

Our luxury clear and frosted glass bottles are sourced from a leading European manufacturer, ensuring our quality standards are adhered to at all times.

We believe you're more likely to use, keep and refill a bottle that is stylish, fits your handbag or looks lovely in your kitchen or bathroom, and most of all it works!

Hand Sanitiser Gel

Our quick drying hand gel is a blend of 70% ethanol, gelling agent and skin conditioner - this means your skin is cared for, while at the same time preventing the spread of harmful bacteria. Our formulation has proven efficency of killing 99.99% bacteria and meets EN1276 & EN1500 standards.

Hand sanitiser is a handy, on-the-go, way to help prevent the spread of bacteria when soap and water isn’t available.

Our packaging is also recyclable and refillable meaning it can be returned for filling.

Sabel Cosmetics Ltd.

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